Jile came to join me in Asia for a couple months to tour with me and the first stop we made was Taiwan! It was a amazing city and I loved the food there. The seafood couldn’t be any fresher. We seriously pick them and cook them on the spot! Jile and I would wake up every morning super early to get the breakfast buffet [haha] the hotel must think we are crazy. We go out at night all dolled up and come in the morning looking like zombies. We walked around Taiwan and freestyle our way to a mall. We also went to a pool party in like a tree house. I know…sounds pretty damn cool right…well…..it wasn’t all peachy [haha] It was pouring rain and nobody seem to care. I felt gross…everybody is wet and sweating and rubbing against you. water is pouring everywhere….it was a good experience though but I don’t think I’ll want to go do that again. I’m like a cat I don’t like to get wet!