BAM! the final day of Manila before heading back to Hong Kong. This is probably so far my favourite vlog [haha] Maybe because I found a Spiderman mask! The shoot was so fun as well! I met so many talented uprising photographers. Winston was in charge of teaching the workshop and he was a amazing teacher. I didn’t eat much on my trip because of all the photo shoots but this day I ate a total of 3 chicken and rice plates because they were just so damn goooooood!! I never knew Philippines were specialized in grilled chicken. *drool* they were so good with the lime and even the sauce that comes with it…oh gosh I need to stop talking about it or else I’ll be so sad that I can’t have it right now [haha]

 I met up with Sole Slam afterwards for my meet n greet at their shoe store and then they surprised me with a brand new pair of Jordans along with some great gear! I was sooooo excited! …well…you’ll see in the Vlog [haha] They are the greatest! they helped me with all of my meet n greets and it was unforgettable time. I can’t wait to come back and do more work with them.





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[haha] I said so many times….AIM LOW and it still gets me in the face… got to admit it is pretty funny still.

Did something different… well…sorta [haha] Water splash fun and  the results are really cool!

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jennifer-nguyen-wet-splash-fun 1486864_10201323598479650_122910046_n 1471246_10201323598359647_2138884796_n


Thank you for everybody that came out to the work shop! I had such a unforgettable time with all the laughing and jokes! you guys kept me smiling all day. Very talented and I Love all the pictures that was sent to me! Sorry if i couldn’t name everybody on each of the pic that was taken! There are just so many haha! Looking forward to coming back and working with all of you agian! Keep up the good work!


Have you ever seen Spiderman with boobies?….[haha]

Watch my  VLOG now to get the full on action of the whole experience including spiderman! I hope you enjoy and don’t forget to SHare LIKE and COMMENT awayyyy [haha]

Much love,

Jennifer Nguyen