bunnylove-685x1024Hello Special Friend ^____^

Please let me introduce myself. My name is Jennifer Nguyen. Born November 18 1987. Yes, that makes me a Scorpio. I know….sounds sexy doesn’t it [haha] I was born in Regina Canada and the oldest in my family. I have one sister and one brother. We don’t always get a long and really see each other point of view but hey! I still love them to death. My family moved around a lot when I was young so I was really shy. Always changing schools can take a tow on you and your social life. I never had long lasted friends or even stuck around long enough to make a image of myself [haha] I landed in a little town call Prince Rupert when i was about 8 years old and that’s where my family managed to stay for about 7 years [haha]. That’s where I finally had time to create a little childhood life for myself. I made a lot of friends in elementary school and was….well… a pretty big tom boy. I use to always race the boys at break or arm wrestle them in class. I rocked the pony tail like Pam Anderson rocking with her girls. I wore vest and cargo pants. I have to admit though….as much as I was a tom boy…..I LOVED THE SPICE GIRLS! Watching their video was my routine when I come home from school [haha]

My family owned a restaurant in Prince Rupert so I started working at a pretty young age. I would come home from school and work at the restaurant till closing. Now that I think about it…..working back then made me so much more tips [haha]. All you have to do is be cute and smile! you don’t even need tits! Prince Rupert is a very small town. To ease my boredom I had my whole huge family of cousins to go on random adventures. The one thing I always remember doing most as a kid is creating clubs and running it or setting up my cardboard box on the side of the street near my restaurant to sell who know what for a couple bucks so I can go to dollar store and get a toy [haha] I remember this one time I was walking down a alley and I saw a huge refrigerator box and I thought to myself….” wow…that is one awesome club house!” I drag that box all the way back to the back to my restaurant. Cut windows into it. Colored it and even taped a smaller box next to it and cut a door out of it. I named it Jennifer’s clubhouse and all my cousins would beg me to join the club. I let them all joined and we played in it all day. I was so damn proud of myself but the next day I came back to my restaurant after school and I saw that the box got ruined by the rain. It was completely soaked and mushy! I was pretty sad [haha] So I guess I can say as a child, I was really ambitious already and I always wanted to be the one in charge and I was a little business girl always trying to make some money to get some ice cream or some arts and crafts at the dollar store.

High school rolled around and I was having a blast. Had a awesome group of friends and I was thinking to myself hey! I think I’m going to be here for a while! That thought didn’t last too long because my mom then announced to me that we are moving to Vancouver. I was in the middle of grade 8 so I begged her not to move because that would kill me in school but my mom insist we moved. Soo here we go again. Moved to Vancouver. Didn’t know anybody at all and then my 15th birthday rolled by and I had nobody at my birthday party except for my parents friends. Started high school there and it just really sucked that you know you pretty much have to start over. I made friends pretty quickly thankfully! I never really had a group of friends that I was set to hang out with. I bounced around a lot and hung out with everybody in school. I changed my style a lot too haha. High school I fell out of being a tom boy and got more into make-up and hair and more girly clothes but my personality was still boyish [haha]. I am very competitive and tough. I will stand my ground and will fight if I have too. I had a lot of guy friends because I get along with guys a lot better then girls [haha]

I wanted to be a Vet when I was younger….then it changed into a fashion designer then a hair stylist…oh yeah and a cartoonist [haha]. I am a very artistic person. I love anything that has to do with entertainment and music and art. I ended up wanting to be a make-up artist when I got out of high school and instead of enjoying my summer, I enrolled myself into one of the top 3 best make-up school in canada. I spent 10 months there learning about everything possible you can learn about make-up. I wasn’t interested in beauty make-up at all. I actually wanted to learn how to make the mask and costume for horror and fiction films. I wanted to do the special FX and monsters! During school though I learned that people in that industry don’t have relationships and they spend months in a lab without seeing their family! I can’t do that! I love my family and friends and most of all I love being around people so I guess that idea got scratched [haha]

jen-maximI never thought in my whole life to do any kind of modeling! I met a friend name Stanley Kwok and he asked me to be a model for him at a auto show because one of his models dropped out. At first I said NO! He obviously talked me into it and I still thank him today because without him making me go that day then I wouldn’t be who I am today at all! I had a lot of photographers and people come up to me for work and photoshoots and I guess it just fell into place then. I fell in love with modeling and I guess since then its been all I train myself to do. I stopped though for a bout 2 years and didn’t start up again till I was about 19 maybe? I was very fortunate to get where I am on my own without any agency help. I flew to the USA to do car shows and also around Canada. I started thinking to myself after awhile…how come there isn’t much Go Go dancers in Vancouver so I started up my own group in Vancouver. I called it “Deadly Combination” It was just me and my girlfriend Venessa at the time but we rocked it like no tomorrow. We did that for about a year and I was getting booked 5 times a week! Besides that I was bartending too! Workaholic I know. I love being busy though and that makes me feel proud of myself. I was still flying out of town to do bookings and after a year and a little bit I got pretty tired from dancing and decided to relax on that. I was still bartending and modeling but I didn’t spend too much time on it.

I moved to Toronto in 2010 and It was pretty hard at first because I left without anything at all. Came over here and within a month found a job, a place, a car! Its been a very crazy adventure for sure but I am sooo happy right now with where I am at. I recently have gotten into acting! Its SO FUN! I think I love it more then modeling….shh…did I just say that? hahah. I guess it’s because I been modeling for so long and acting just seems a lot more expressive. My personality does not match my looks at all through my pictures. I may look intimidating but I will probably be the most friendly person you meet and I am so outgoing and funny. Hopefully Acting will become as big in my life as my modeling has been. I do have a lot of projects coming up just you wait and see! Since I moved here I been ask to do so many bookings right left and center! I fell in love with the city of Toronto with their live people and how everybody here is working hard. Awesome food! I LOVE FOOD! [haha] There is always something new about me that you will learn. You won’t be able to get to know me fully but don’t worry…it’ll be close ^____^ I have many many projects coming up and without a doubt you will see a hell lot of me soon enough. I have a feeling this year is one hell of a year so don’t forget to come back and check me out okay!

jenDreams do come true. Nobody can play your life game better then you. This Game is going to be the hardest game you’ll ever play and the worst part about it is that there isn’t any cheat sheets. no…you can’t go online to figure it out. You will make mistakes but don’t worry! You can start all over whenever you want and this time…you know where that trap is so jump a little further to skip it. Hit the hard fire balls shooting at you and gain those gold coins. I believe in you ^______^

Thank you so much for everybody who has become my friend and help support my dream. Without you guys then there wouldn’t be me. Please don’t stop supporting me because I am right behind you with your dreams and goals. When you feel the world is against you just remember me! I GOT YOUR BACK! We are all climbing the mountain to the top. I will give out my hand to help pull you closer to the top and I hope you will do the same for me. Life is a adventure and a huge climb. I’m afraid of heights are you? [haha] Close your eyes and don’t stop! follow your heart because in the end everything will work out and your dreams will become your reality ^_____^ once again Thank you for believing in me.

Stats and Info:

Name: Jennifer Nguyen Nationality: Vietnamese Birthday:  November 18, 1987 Horoscope:  Scorpio Weight: 112 lbs Height: 5’5 Measurements: 34DD-26-36 Dress: 3 Shoe:  7.5 Hair Color:  Brown Hair Length:  Long Skin Color: Tanned