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My love for Natural Remedies

January 25th, 2017|0 Comments

I could not believe I am writing a blog on the subject of "love

5 Grooming Tips for Men

January 17th, 2017|0 Comments

Do you find yourself wondering what the heck to do with your dashing good

Sexy Shoot x Spiderman Manila Vlog #21

February 12th, 2014|14 Comments BAM! the final day of Manila before heading back to Hong Kong. This

Calendar, Mens Health Manila Shoot Vlog #20

February 7th, 2014|2 Comments Hello hello! I am sooo happy! I thought I lost all my pictures

FHM Philippine Shoot Vlog #19

December 21st, 2013|10 Comments

BOOM! Fhm shoot in Philippines with one of the best photographer Jay Tablante He is

Pandora club China Vlog #15

December 10th, 2013|0 Comments

Man! You guys can't tell....but Jile and I seriously went to a different city

Remix of China Vlog #14

December 10th, 2013|3 Comments

I slowed down my Vlog recording around this time. I kept being told to

Wet n Wild In Taiwan with Jile Cai Vlog #13

December 10th, 2013|1 Comment

Jile came to join me in Asia for a couple months to tour with

R16 China Vlog #10 -#11

December 10th, 2013|1 Comment

I was recently introduced to the Bboy community and I got to say....I LOVE

It’s Haunted Vlog #09

December 10th, 2013|0 Comments

Since I'm jet legged I woke up ALOT earlier then everybody else...I decided to

Off to Asia Vlog #07

December 10th, 2013|0 Comments

Todays the day!! I am off to Asia for my one year adventure! who

Give Me A Hug Photo shoot

December 10th, 2013|26 Comments

Photo shoot shot in Hong Kong by Mikey Tsang. I found a couple of