I could not believe I am writing a blog on the subject of “love for NATURAL remedies” It really astonishes me every time I look back on the last 10 years and how different I am now (haha) Somebody tell me right now they are too old to change, I would laugh. You are never too old to change and you should never feel that you’re set in your ways! Always thrive to be better and the best version of yourself! When you feel bored, look for new ventures! Trust me, you have no idea what you’re capable of.

I was born in a family of meat eaters and medicine takers. I would have maybe half an apple a year [haha] I had a strong belief that an Advil pill can cure just about anything. Every time I felt the slightest cold or cough, I would head straight to the pharmacy to pick up the usual name brands I normally saw advertising on TV. I also have a bad allergy to dust and that sh*t is everywhere! I mean EVERYWHERE! I can cover my mouth with my hands and they would still be there! I live wearing face masks everyday for years no joke. Even during my work as a model I would be sniffling and trying to hold myself together so the make up would stay on. They want a model, not Rudolph the red nose reindeer. I was taking up to 5 pills a day and that didn’t even stop the sniffling and itchy feeling I get all over my face. I’m a humanitarian and love my trees yet here I am blowing my nose though boxes and boxes of tissues. I could probably slide down a mountain of tissues!

I got really depressed at one point. What is the point in living if I couldn’t even breath for 80% of it? I’ve tried everything under the sun but nothing worked well. it would stop one thing but create something else. One day I was staring at my hand full of pills and products I was using and thought to myself…enough is enough! I can not live like this, there must be a better way!

That’s the start of my natural remedy craze. I got deep into researching the herbs, fruits and vegetables that were beneficial for my nose and allergies. I went out and bought all the things I researched and came home testing and steeping it.

Drinking it as a tea and also making myself fresh daily juice has transformed my body completely and my allergies were improved well over 80%. Amazing right?! I couldn’t believe it…this took away my runny nose, itchy eyes and face and did not involved me taking a hand full of chemical pills! Bonus was me losing weight and having a ton more energy!  I was able to live again! I was hooked and started researching and reading in what else can herbs, fruits and vegetables do for you.

That’s how my love for natural remedies began and has never ended. We are all capable of taking great care of ourselves and our health. I am on a mission to not only help the soul but to also nourish and love the body too. The ying and yang to everything giving us ever lasting bliss and peace. True happiness begins inside.

I wanted to write this introduction to share with you the green side to me. I will be posting remedies and information on natural products that you could do at home to improve your health and life instantly. I want to see you healthy and happy. Everybody deserves the best so let me share.

Follow your intuition and be guided by love.


Jenuine Love