BOOM! Fhm shoot in Philippines with one of the best photographer Jay Tablante He is amazing guy. You can check out his amazing work by clicking on his name. He does crazy hero theme shoots I can’t wait till he does mine!  Got me connected to all of Manila pretty much [haha]


I got a great team of make up artist and hair stylist to do all the hard work for me. Usually I do it all myself. The shoot was pretty damn hot…and I meant that in temperature wise [haha] I had a stylist there too and I guess she didn’t get the memo about my bra size because she kept giving me like “A” cups to wear and my babies are double Ds….Yeah….I still put it on. I was curious to know if it would hold or just rip right off…it held…by a thread in my eyes [haha] Lunch was pretty interesting too…something came that looked like a pizza…oh yeah. It got me excited alright [haha] but no it wasn’t pizza everybody. It was spaghetti wrapped up like a pizza. I know….so weird but it tasted alright. I usually don’t eat much while I’m shooting. I really don’t eat at all. Just a bite or this or that. What I usually do is whenever I am shooting I don’t eat but after I am done….I feast! [haha] I was shooting for 3 days so I actually didn’t eat much for those 3 days but the third day I had 3 grilled chicken on rice…not all in one sitting of course but It was so good. That will be in my next vlog so make sure to check back!

Now what really surprised me about Manila was the police and security guards there. They were all carrying massive shot guns! All of them just holding their guns like it’s their baby. stroking it and petting it and feeling the power it gave them deep within their pants. I’m not going to lie, I felt like I was in prison. You have to go through a scanning system when entering a mall like how you do it at the airports. I couldn’t even look at them in the eye [haha] There were so many of them! I tried to film some so you guys can see but I was trying to be all sneaky about it pretending to film the buildings and such [haha]

Oh my gosh the wait for the cab was SOOOO long. The one thing the locals told me was the traffic in Manila is insane and there is always traffic at every hour. They were right. I took so many long naps in the car and woken up and see we didn’t move much at all [haha]

A friend of ours Bboy Reflex took us out to eat some authentic Philippines food and man…he did not disappoint!  I was stuffed but was still stuffing my face! hmmm how come nobody told me garlic fried rice was so damn good! We got this other dish I forgot what it is called but its a mixture of pork parts like their nose and ears. Yeah sounds kinda weird but man was it good! The winning dish to me was the black bean steamed fish. The fish had tons of meat on it and it was so delicious! …..excuse me while I book my flight back to Manila! I have got to eat this again! [haha]




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I was told the Digital feature for FHM should be coming out in January along with a interview and video footage of the shoot and the Print feature will be in February! I am so excited!

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FHM Philippines Facebook 

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