Sexy Shoot x Spiderman Manila Vlog #21


BAM! the final day of Manila before heading back to Hong Kong. This is probably so far my favourite vlog [haha] Maybe because I found a Spiderman mask! The shoot was so fun as well! I met so many talented uprising photographers. Winston was in charge of teaching the workshop and he was a amazing teacher. I didn’t eat much on my trip because of all the photo shoots but this day I ate a total of 3 chicken and rice plates because they were just so damn goooooood!! I never knew Philippines were specialized in grilled chicken. *drool* they were so good with the lime and even the sauce that comes with it…oh gosh I need to stop talking about it or else I’ll be so sad that I can’t have it right now [haha]

 I met up with Sole Slam afterwards for my meet n greet at their shoe store and then they surprised me with a brand new pair of Jordans along with some great gear! I was sooooo excited! …well…you’ll see in the Vlog [haha] They are the greatest! they helped me with all of my meet n greets and it was unforgettable time. I can’t wait to come back and do more work with them.





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[haha] I said so many times….AIM LOW and it still gets me in the face… got to admit it is pretty funny still.

Did something different… well…sorta [haha] Water splash fun and  the results are really cool!

jennifer-nguyen-splash-fun 1479288_10201323599839684_1309587221_n

jennifer-nguyen-wet-splash-fun 1486864_10201323598479650_122910046_n 1471246_10201323598359647_2138884796_n


Thank you for everybody that came out to the work shop! I had such a unforgettable time with all the laughing and jokes! you guys kept me smiling all day. Very talented and I Love all the pictures that was sent to me! Sorry if i couldn’t name everybody on each of the pic that was taken! There are just so many haha! Looking forward to coming back and working with all of you agian! Keep up the good work!


Have you ever seen Spiderman with boobies?….[haha]

Watch my  VLOG now to get the full on action of the whole experience including spiderman! I hope you enjoy and don’t forget to SHare LIKE and COMMENT awayyyy [haha]

Much love,

Jennifer Nguyen

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Give Me A Hug Photo shoot

Photo shoot shot in Hong Kong by Mikey Tsang. I found a couple of pillows in his room with cute sayings on it and I couldn’t help but use it during the shoot. I think you guys are really going to enjoy these pictures.


Now I know what you are thinking……I actually dont [haha] I just wanted to sound witty but it didn’t play too well…. just keep looking at the pictures [haha]




What the heck…where did my top go….hmmmm [haha]


hmm can somebody please give me back my top? no?….damn it.


Might as well share my back view no? yes yes I know…I am so nice right [haha]


I love this picture do you?


I don’t usually do top implied so enjoy these! [haha] Hong Kong has been amazing so far. I have a lot of projects coming up that I am so excited about! I have a feeling 2014 is going to be OUT OF THIS WORLD! I will be working more on my page and adding more goodies so make sure to keep checking back. You can also follow me on twitter, instagram and facebook.

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Tattoo Body Art Photo Shoot

This was a fun shoot! I’ve always wanted to see what I would look like covered in tattoos. I threw the idea out with my friend Winson Tsai who is a tattoo artist and we rolled with it. It took a VERY long time for him to do this one me…I remember I felled asleep towards the end [haha]  The shoot was amazing and even Pickles my baby boy made it into a set [haha]

Did I Like having the Sleeve tattoo and would I get a real one? : 

Having the tattoo was really fun…I felt like a different person, more bad ass of course [haha] The ink stayed on me for about 2-3 days but truthfully after the 2nd day I wanted it off already. I just felt like I was always wearing a one sleeve shirt and I had the same look all the time. I couldn’t put on a pretty dress and look like a sweet girl with a whole arm covered in pictures. I loved the pictures though dont get me wrong but I think a full sleeve tattoo won’t suit my lifestyle.

How Long did it take? : I think it took over 8 hours to get everything drawn on

Did it Hurt?: I really wish getting a tattoo was this easy [haha]

Was it hard to wash off: yeah….I had to do a really good scrubbing but it was totally worth it!

This amazing photo shoot was also shot by a awesome photographer Eric Nguyen. We spent plenty of goofing around at the shoot and not to mention his mom is adorable!  Make sure to check him out!

Eric Nguyen Photography:

The Tattoo was done by Winson Tsai. He’s a good friend of mine so believe when I say! He is amazing at what he does. It is hard to find dedication and hard work and Winson definitely got that along with his artistic skills. If you’re looking to get a beautiful tattoo done make sure to hit this guy up!   instagram: @wt_tattoo

Make sure to check out the behind the scenes footage of this photo shoot!

click here for the behind the scenes video 

Simple Blue Photo Set

Made my way back to Vancouver finally! Did a great photo shoot with J Chan Photography. Simple blue with my new hair cut as well… wanted to try something different for the new year. What have you done new this year?  I know I haven’t been posting much on here! my apologies! I will try to keep more up to date with my postings and photos. I have a lot planned this year so got to get cracking and working hard!

make sure to check out jeff and his photography work: and his official website:

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Virile Magazine Model Of The Year 2011


Thank you sooooo much for everybody that voted for me to be Model Of  The Year 2011 with Virile Magazine! What a great way to start of the new year! I wouldn’t of got it without all of my friends help and for that I truely appreciate every one of you! Out of 27 beautiful ladies I won first with over 33%  of the total votes. I feel very grateful for having such wonderful friends like you!  I will indeed have a treat for all the work you guys did for me so keep coming back to check for it okay!! Pop some botttles baby we’re celebrating tonight!!! my place! no clothes! all welcome!! woot woot ^_____^

Here’s a little treat in candids for all everybody! Please check out my online featured with them for more pictures!!!

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Thanks again for all the wonderful amazing support I got in getting this title! You guys really truely rock my world!! now stop rocking it so hard…I’m getting a little sick [haha] I love you guys so much! woot woot!! Model Of The Year!


Much love,

Jennifer Nguyen

Love Me In Jean



This set was shot by a good friend of mine! His name is Bowen mei.  His photography company name is called Izura productions.  The pictures were all edited by me ! This shoot was shot awhile back but hey! Just cause something is old doesn’t make it useless! I really enjoyed these pictures so I hope you guys will too! Like the top? I got that on sale and truthfully…it was a bit small [haha] Can you tell? I still rocked it [haha]  Enjoy the pictures guys and please share, comment and tweet <3


much love,

Jennifer Nguyen



I’m all the Asian you need boy Photoshoot


Here is the anticipated photo album from “I’m all the Asian you need boy” picture I posted on facebook. The photography work was done by one of my good friends Glenn Grainger. He’s a very sweet and talented photographer. I know there are going to be many projects in the future that we will be working on. <3


From pink to black and blue, tonight I’ll be playing your favourite Asian girl.  What outfit would you like me to wear first or better yet to take off? [haha] I remember I was in a rush this day! I had to do this photoshoot then run off to catch my train down to Montreal for a appearance! I thought I should try something different here too. What do you think bout my hot pink lips? Which one is your favourite set?   <3  I hope you enjoy the album and please LIKE, SHARE and COMMENT <3





5am Beach Shoot…enough said

yes….I said it…. 5am. Woke up at 3am actually to get ready[haha] Went to bed? 12am. I know…I’m crazy [haha]. I shot with a awesome, great, sweetest photographer. His name is Lucio Fratelli. He is a full time Paramedic for the Region of Peel. Well I guess I know who’s going to be bringing me back to life if I drown…better yet fall asleep [haha] When I left my house it was dark and by the time I left to go home it was sunny [haha] Kinda made me feel like I been out partying all night and finally going home. The shots turn out beautifully and the view of the sunrise was amazing. I really wished I could take you guys there with me but for now enjoy the pictures and make sure to “like” and “comment” and especially “share”!

Come join me in this freezing cold water! [haha]