Sexy Shoot x Spiderman Manila Vlog #21


BAM! the final day of Manila before heading back to Hong Kong. This is probably so far my favourite vlog [haha] Maybe because I found a Spiderman mask! The shoot was so fun as well! I met so many talented uprising photographers. Winston was in charge of teaching the workshop and he was a amazing teacher. I didn’t eat much on my trip because of all the photo shoots but this day I ate a total of 3 chicken and rice plates because they were just so damn goooooood!! I never knew Philippines were specialized in grilled chicken. *drool* they were so good with the lime and even the sauce that comes with it…oh gosh I need to stop talking about it or else I’ll be so sad that I can’t have it right now [haha]

 I met up with Sole Slam afterwards for my meet n greet at their shoe store and then they surprised me with a brand new pair of Jordans along with some great gear! I was sooooo excited! …well…you’ll see in the Vlog [haha] They are the greatest! they helped me with all of my meet n greets and it was unforgettable time. I can’t wait to come back and do more work with them.





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[haha] I said so many times….AIM LOW and it still gets me in the face… got to admit it is pretty funny still.

Did something different… well…sorta [haha] Water splash fun and  the results are really cool!

jennifer-nguyen-splash-fun 1479288_10201323599839684_1309587221_n

jennifer-nguyen-wet-splash-fun 1486864_10201323598479650_122910046_n 1471246_10201323598359647_2138884796_n


Thank you for everybody that came out to the work shop! I had such a unforgettable time with all the laughing and jokes! you guys kept me smiling all day. Very talented and I Love all the pictures that was sent to me! Sorry if i couldn’t name everybody on each of the pic that was taken! There are just so many haha! Looking forward to coming back and working with all of you agian! Keep up the good work!


Have you ever seen Spiderman with boobies?….[haha]

Watch my  VLOG now to get the full on action of the whole experience including spiderman! I hope you enjoy and don’t forget to SHare LIKE and COMMENT awayyyy [haha]

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Jennifer Nguyen

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Calendar, Mens Health Manila Shoot Vlog #20

Hello hello!


I am sooo happy! I thought I lost all my pictures and videos from the rest of my trip in Manila when I was trying to clean up my laptop. I was sooo sad….I tried to recover it by doing what I best, “google”!  It didn’t work out to well. It was all paid programs and I didn’t want to spend 100 bucks for it. I pretty much gave up and moved on to edit my other videos from Vietnam. When I opened up Iphoto BAM! there it was! I was like no way! Maybe luck is finally deciding to be on my side [haha] I don’t know why it wouldn’t be, my side is the bright side [haha]

So here it is! The missing files recovered for your entertainment. I am so happy! The rest of my trip in Manila was hectic of course. One thing after another. I started the day off early to shoot for my 2014 Calendar and also for Men’s Health magazine. After that I had a meet n greet at club Hyve. Running on 4 hours of sleep so I decided to get coffee…now normally when I drink coffee or redbull I just knock out! I know…weird right? I guess it’s because I am already so energized most the time that drinking those things just pushes me over the edge [haha]

I had a amazing time and met a lot of amazing fans and people during my trip. I hope to be coming back soon enough…well I am pretty sure I will be making my way back to the Philippines so keep your ears open and if I didn’t see you the first time…well you better be there for the second or you’re dead!! I will hunt you down and kill you!!….nahh I’m just kidding [haha]


eeeehhh….im so veiny in that picture above me…ahh oh well I have thin skin I hate it!


Had a amazing time shooting with Jay Tablante  A awesome talented photographer. We worked fast and that was what I loved about it. We knew each other angles and understood a good time with shooting with filled with laughter and jokes. He is a all round sweet heart and I am so happy to have worked with him and looking forward to doing more projects with him in the future as well.


Hyve Club was amazing! I got a table with food ….hey can’t complain there [haha] After I was done signing autographs and taking pictures I got to go on stage where I said a few words then passed out little picture goodies to everybody else that was there. I loved every minute of it but I was still really tired from the shoot earlier.



oh wait till you see the next picture……


[HAHAHA] Look at my face. It’s so funny





I want to thank everybody that came out that night and to make my night in Manila just that much more memorable. I will never forget you guys and I can’t wait to come back!

The Calendar is released already so if you would like to purchase one get one now!!! msg BIG BOY TOYS STORE on facebook and let them know you would like to purchase one! get em while their still here. I want to be with you alllll yearrrr roundd you know what i’m saying? [haha] <————- CLICK THIS to get Calendar! MSG THEM!

now stop looking at the pictures and check out the Vlog! thanks for watching!

much love,

Jennifer Nguyen

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FHM Philippine Shoot Vlog #19


BOOM! Fhm shoot in Philippines with one of the best photographer Jay Tablante He is amazing guy. You can check out his amazing work by clicking on his name. He does crazy hero theme shoots I can’t wait till he does mine!  Got me connected to all of Manila pretty much [haha]


I got a great team of make up artist and hair stylist to do all the hard work for me. Usually I do it all myself. The shoot was pretty damn hot…and I meant that in temperature wise [haha] I had a stylist there too and I guess she didn’t get the memo about my bra size because she kept giving me like “A” cups to wear and my babies are double Ds….Yeah….I still put it on. I was curious to know if it would hold or just rip right off…it held…by a thread in my eyes [haha] Lunch was pretty interesting too…something came that looked like a pizza…oh yeah. It got me excited alright [haha] but no it wasn’t pizza everybody. It was spaghetti wrapped up like a pizza. I know….so weird but it tasted alright. I usually don’t eat much while I’m shooting. I really don’t eat at all. Just a bite or this or that. What I usually do is whenever I am shooting I don’t eat but after I am done….I feast! [haha] I was shooting for 3 days so I actually didn’t eat much for those 3 days but the third day I had 3 grilled chicken on rice…not all in one sitting of course but It was so good. That will be in my next vlog so make sure to check back!

Now what really surprised me about Manila was the police and security guards there. They were all carrying massive shot guns! All of them just holding their guns like it’s their baby. stroking it and petting it and feeling the power it gave them deep within their pants. I’m not going to lie, I felt like I was in prison. You have to go through a scanning system when entering a mall like how you do it at the airports. I couldn’t even look at them in the eye [haha] There were so many of them! I tried to film some so you guys can see but I was trying to be all sneaky about it pretending to film the buildings and such [haha]

Oh my gosh the wait for the cab was SOOOO long. The one thing the locals told me was the traffic in Manila is insane and there is always traffic at every hour. They were right. I took so many long naps in the car and woken up and see we didn’t move much at all [haha]

A friend of ours Bboy Reflex took us out to eat some authentic Philippines food and man…he did not disappoint!  I was stuffed but was still stuffing my face! hmmm how come nobody told me garlic fried rice was so damn good! We got this other dish I forgot what it is called but its a mixture of pork parts like their nose and ears. Yeah sounds kinda weird but man was it good! The winning dish to me was the black bean steamed fish. The fish had tons of meat on it and it was so delicious! …..excuse me while I book my flight back to Manila! I have got to eat this again! [haha]




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I was told the Digital feature for FHM should be coming out in January along with a interview and video footage of the shoot and the Print feature will be in February! I am so excited!

you can check out their facebook here as well

FHM Philippines Facebook 

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Remix of China Vlog #14

I slowed down my Vlog recording around this time. I kept being told to stop being like such a tourist [haha] I might get kidnapped or what not so I couldn’t record much. I am also pretty clumsy so I lose my stuff a lot…that is also another reason I don’t carry my camera around a lot. This video is a bunch of different days all remix together for you guys! From checking out a China Walmart to going to a rubber duck theme birthday party and ending off with some kick ass fireworks!


Off to Asia Vlog #07

Todays the day!! I am off to Asia for my one year adventure! who knows what is going to happen in that one year! Could be good…could be bad….but I wont know unless I go go and away!! [haha] I was leaving on the day my grandma passed away so I didn’t get to stay and eat all the good foods my mom made…urgh…still bothers me even today. It was a busy day though… I had to mail out posters and orders then finish packing then off to the airport. Traveling to the other side is like traveling back in time for me [haha] I arrive a different day and a different time….oh my god…i ….have….SUPER POWERS!!!!…… I dont…but I wish I did. What would be your super power of choice?

Too Much To Do Vlog #06

The day before my trip starts for asia. Too much to do and too little time! It’s always like that isn’t it? [haha] Errands to do and a photo shoot. I am a last min packer too! urgh! I am working on getting a better camera for better quality! hang in there! vlogs will get better in time [haha] Make sure to subscribe to my channel to follow my adventure!


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Hey everybody!

I have a ton of exciting things happening this year! I can’t even put into words of the adventure I will be facing soon in about 3 days!!  You ready for this? … I am leaving in 3 days to tour ASIA!! That’s right folks….Jennifer Nguyen is taking over Asia this year [haha] First stop is Hong Kong for a week then off to Taiwan for 2 weeks and then China for 2 months! thats only 2 and a half months of me being there and already I feel like it’s going to be too crazy! [haha] I can’t wait to see all the places, eat the food! , see the beautiful girls and views….and girls…haha Obviously I want to take all of you on the trip with me! …thats if you would? will you? please?…but….but I need you!! [haha] Oh I know you guys are gonna be happy to come with me! Now to keep track of where I will be next in Asia plus watch my adventure you would need to subscribe to my youtube! I will be posting vlogs of all my adventures!! If you haven’t subscribed to it yet then do it now!!  The adventure starts soon……are you ready?……heck I’m not! I haven’t even packed…..oh gosh….wish me luck!

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Tattoo Body Art Photo Shoot

This was a fun shoot! I’ve always wanted to see what I would look like covered in tattoos. I threw the idea out with my friend Winson Tsai who is a tattoo artist and we rolled with it. It took a VERY long time for him to do this one me…I remember I felled asleep towards the end [haha]  The shoot was amazing and even Pickles my baby boy made it into a set [haha]

Did I Like having the Sleeve tattoo and would I get a real one? : 

Having the tattoo was really fun…I felt like a different person, more bad ass of course [haha] The ink stayed on me for about 2-3 days but truthfully after the 2nd day I wanted it off already. I just felt like I was always wearing a one sleeve shirt and I had the same look all the time. I couldn’t put on a pretty dress and look like a sweet girl with a whole arm covered in pictures. I loved the pictures though dont get me wrong but I think a full sleeve tattoo won’t suit my lifestyle.

How Long did it take? : I think it took over 8 hours to get everything drawn on

Did it Hurt?: I really wish getting a tattoo was this easy [haha]

Was it hard to wash off: yeah….I had to do a really good scrubbing but it was totally worth it!

This amazing photo shoot was also shot by a awesome photographer Eric Nguyen. We spent plenty of goofing around at the shoot and not to mention his mom is adorable!  Make sure to check him out!

Eric Nguyen Photography:

The Tattoo was done by Winson Tsai. He’s a good friend of mine so believe when I say! He is amazing at what he does. It is hard to find dedication and hard work and Winson definitely got that along with his artistic skills. If you’re looking to get a beautiful tattoo done make sure to hit this guy up!   instagram: @wt_tattoo

Make sure to check out the behind the scenes footage of this photo shoot!

click here for the behind the scenes video