Hello hello!


I am sooo happy! I thought I lost all my pictures and videos from the rest of my trip in Manila when I was trying to clean up my laptop. I was sooo sad….I tried to recover it by doing what I best, “google”!  It didn’t work out to well. It was all paid programs and I didn’t want to spend 100 bucks for it. I pretty much gave up and moved on to edit my other videos from Vietnam. When I opened up Iphoto BAM! there it was! I was like no way! Maybe luck is finally deciding to be on my side [haha] I don’t know why it wouldn’t be, my side is the bright side [haha]

So here it is! The missing files recovered for your entertainment. I am so happy! The rest of my trip in Manila was hectic of course. One thing after another. I started the day off early to shoot for my 2014 Calendar and also for Men’s Health magazine. After that I had a meet n greet at club Hyve. Running on 4 hours of sleep so I decided to get coffee…now normally when I drink coffee or redbull I just knock out! I know…weird right? I guess it’s because I am already so energized most the time that drinking those things just pushes me over the edge [haha]

I had a amazing time and met a lot of amazing fans and people during my trip. I hope to be coming back soon enough…well I am pretty sure I will be making my way back to the Philippines so keep your ears open and if I didn’t see you the first time…well you better be there for the second or you’re dead!! I will hunt you down and kill you!!….nahh I’m just kidding [haha]


eeeehhh….im so veiny in that picture above me…ahh oh well I have thin skin I hate it!


Had a amazing time shooting with Jay Tablante  A awesome talented photographer. We worked fast and that was what I loved about it. We knew each other angles and understood a good time with shooting with filled with laughter and jokes. He is a all round sweet heart and I am so happy to have worked with him and looking forward to doing more projects with him in the future as well.


Hyve Club was amazing! I got a table with food ….hey can’t complain there [haha] After I was done signing autographs and taking pictures I got to go on stage where I said a few words then passed out little picture goodies to everybody else that was there. I loved every minute of it but I was still really tired from the shoot earlier.



oh wait till you see the next picture……


[HAHAHA] Look at my face. It’s so funny





I want to thank everybody that came out that night and to make my night in Manila just that much more memorable. I will never forget you guys and I can’t wait to come back!

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now stop looking at the pictures and check out the Vlog! thanks for watching!

much love,

Jennifer Nguyen