Tattoo Body Art Photo Shoot


This was a fun shoot! I’ve always wanted to see what I would look like covered in tattoos. I threw the idea out with my friend Winson Tsai who is a tattoo artist and we rolled with it. It took a VERY long time for him to do this one me…I remember I felled asleep towards the end [haha]  The shoot was amazing and even Pickles my baby boy made it into a set [haha]

Did I Like having the Sleeve tattoo and would I get a real one? : 

Having the tattoo was really fun…I felt like a different person, more bad ass of course [haha] The ink stayed on me for about 2-3 days but truthfully after the 2nd day I wanted it off already. I just felt like I was always wearing a one sleeve shirt and I had the same look all the time. I couldn’t put on a pretty dress and look like a sweet girl with a whole arm covered in pictures. I loved the pictures though dont get me wrong but I think a full sleeve tattoo won’t suit my lifestyle.

How Long did it take? : I think it took over 8 hours to get everything drawn on

Did it Hurt?: I really wish getting a tattoo was this easy [haha]

Was it hard to wash off: yeah….I had to do a really good scrubbing but it was totally worth it!

This amazing photo shoot was also shot by a awesome photographer Eric Nguyen. We spent plenty of goofing around at the shoot and not to mention his mom is adorable!  Make sure to check him out!

Eric Nguyen Photography:

The Tattoo was done by Winson Tsai. He’s a good friend of mine so believe when I say! He is amazing at what he does. It is hard to find dedication and hard work and Winson definitely got that along with his artistic skills. If you’re looking to get a beautiful tattoo done make sure to hit this guy up!   instagram: @wt_tattoo

Make sure to check out the behind the scenes footage of this photo shoot!

click here for the behind the scenes video 

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Please let me introduce myself. My name is Jennifer Nguyen. Born November 18 1987. Yes, that makes me a Scorpio. I know….sounds sexy doesn’t it [haha]

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  1. I love the pic where Pickles is in beast mode :). If you decide to take requests for prints or posters, that one is on my list.

    1. awww thank you so much Paul! looks amazing!! i like how muscular you made me hahah! *hug* your too sweet thank you !

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