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What a event! This year was a good turn out! Busy from opening till close wow! I had a blast meeting new fans and also all my long time supporters. Always puts a smile on my face to see familiar faces coming back every year to say hi to me and support me. Reminds me why I love doing what I do. I remember I was so thirsty the whole show but I didn’t even have time to go buy a drink. All my lovely ladies made it out as well from out of town. Love seeing their wonderful faces. If you didn’t make it don’t you worry! I have collected all the pictures I could find online from the show for you! …I know…. don’t you feel special?  You better!!! clicking and saving is hard hard work you know….but I’m only doing it because I love you so tee hee. ^______^ well here you guys go!

What did you think about my outfit choice for the show? I love the Orange bikini….what do you think? <3

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