Oh Canada in Vancouver

I did a appearance and performance in Vancouver with a awesome team Nuxes at Fabric nightclub. What a fun night that was! I had to pop open this fake champaign bottle where confetti would fly out of and into the crowd. Sounds like it would be pretty cool right? … simple instructions. Pull tab….and twist. Simple enough right? [haha] Well….. that’s exactly what I did but nothing happened… I lower the bottle to try to twist it again and BAM! Out shot the confetti  alright… all over the floor that is. [haha] Talk about epic fail moment there. *bows* I know…I know…I am so cool [haha] ITS OKAY! they had another one! I didn’t open the second one though. I think they figured the percentage of it getting on the audience would be higher if I didn’t do it myself…. They were right.  Rest of the night was wonderful. I was really happy to have met all my supporters that came out that night for me. I took plenty of pictures and gave tons of hugs…like always [haha] There was also a go go dancing competition! I was pretty impressed with all the ladies. They definitely brought the house down…or shook the ground…I felt some shake under my feet if you know what I’m saying [haha]

Did you guys like my Canada outfit? My horoscope said red is my “it” colour…do you guys agree? Oh my god! This is a funny story… you see the Canada flag tattoo on my arms? WELL… I got that from dollar store right. Dollar store things are usually pretty crappy.  The next day I tried to take off the tattoos off my legs and arms and they wouldn’t come off! I tried everything! I had no choice but to walk around all day with the flags still on my arm and random people was just telling me how cool it is….no [haha] It took quite a bit of time but I finally scratched off the tattoos…one little scratch at time….. oh gosh. *hides face*


Do you like my outfit?

My infamous pose, the bunny ears [haha] I make everybody do it with me. Being silly is much better then being serious!

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muahz xoxo


Jennifer Nguyen

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Please let me introduce myself. My name is Jennifer Nguyen. Born November 18 1987. Yes, that makes me a Scorpio. I know….sounds sexy doesn’t it [haha]

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  • KoFfeE

    It must be awesome party, too bad couldn’t hit van-city to support u … ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ
    But support support support … \(^o^)/ … Btw nice outfit … o(^▽^)o

  • dushyant

    nice party and also the best party cuz of you.;)



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