Summer Jam in Montreal

Wow! Montreal was awesome! So sad I was only there for a day >___< Next time I got to make sure to stay a little bit longer! I would like to say Thanks to Rise Entertainment for bringing me down for Summer Jam at Ivy nightclub. Awesome party from a awesome crew. I had a blast there…got pretty drunk and pretty wet [haha] I was a little sick the next day from all the water bottles I poured on myself. I really hope everybody had just as much fun as me! here are some pictures I got back! What do you think of the Tutu? yes or no? I made it myself! [haha] I know…so talented ^_____^

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I was feeling pretty thirsty after the first set [haha] one bottle turned into bout four bottles…yeah I got carried away….

oh my god. I love this part. They threw all these napkins in the air like it was raining money. It was way too fun and they capture it pretty well here don’t you think? ^_____^

Hopefully I’ll be coming back to Montreal soon enough! <3 till then smile and keep doing your thing!

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  • Jimmy James

    Please do nudes.

  • Adam M.

    I am so jealous of Montreal :). Glad you’re putting more stuff on here now. How’s the new apartment working out?

    • Jennifer Nguyen Jennifer Nguyen

      haha montreal was a blast! The new apartment has been ok but thanks for asking though adam! that’s so considerate of you :)



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