My Girls In Calgary

My girls in Calgary! …what?  You thought I mean “my girls” didn’t you. you dirty thinker you! Oh they came too but my other girls also came [haha]


Took my first trip out to Calgary for DRIVEN car show. It was my first time being in town since I was really little. Luckily I had my twin Jile traveling with me so things were pretty interesting. The show was amazing by the way! I will be posting pictures from the show and such in the events section. I had a really great time in Calgary. The weather was pretty freaking cold and let’s just say…..I didn’t pack for the cold. >____<

Jile and I were getting ready for the show and we both just weren’t happy with how we looked. We kept tripping out on what could look different and what was wrong. [haha] It was driving us crazy! I suggested that we’re just tripping out and lets just take a picture with the camera and look at it then. We took the picture and were both like uhh okay your right we look freaking hot [haha] we’re crazy!  GIRLS.

Yeah… I know…we took more then one just to make sure [haha] You guys know how it is!!…hehehe

After the Driven show all of the girls headed over to BANK nightclub. We were there for only a little bit then we headed over to UBU lounge where the party got dirty. [haha] It was raining and I was running with my jacket over my head. My curls stayed in…what a miracle. Which of these ladies would you like to get to know better? ^_____^

How are you feeling me with the glasses? I felt pretty smart in them [haha] Naughty school girl or teacher shoot in the future maybe? >___^

I Hope you guys enjoyed some of my personal pictures from the trip! Please like and share them <3 I will be updating my show events very soon. Keep smiling now! ^______

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