Virile Magazine Model Of The Year 2011



Thank you sooooo much for everybody that voted for me to be Model Of  The Year 2011 with Virile Magazine! What a great way to start of the new year! I wouldn’t of got it without all of my friends help and for that I truely appreciate every one of you! Out of 27 beautiful ladies I won first with over 33%  of the total votes. I feel very grateful for having such wonderful friends like you!  I will indeed have a treat for all the work you guys did for me so keep coming back to check for it okay!! Pop some botttles baby we’re celebrating tonight!!! my place! no clothes! all welcome!! woot woot ^_____^

Here’s a little treat in candids for all everybody! Please check out my online featured with them for more pictures!!!

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Thanks again for all the wonderful amazing support I got in getting this title! You guys really truely rock my world!! now stop rocking it so hard…I’m getting a little sick [haha] I love you guys so much! woot woot!! Model Of The Year!


Much love,

Jennifer Nguyen

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Jennifer Nguyen

Author: Jennifer Nguyen

Please let me introduce myself. My name is Jennifer Nguyen. Born November 18 1987. Yes, that makes me a Scorpio. I know….sounds sexy doesn’t it [haha]

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  1. Bought the sunshine girl calender, im sure now that its impossible for you to take a bad picture! Good work, best of luck in the future. J

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