Anyone in Seattle down for Bubble tea?

I was invited to a soft opening of a amazing bubble tea place. Cozy Bubbltea! A brand new bubble tea shop that not only going to give you 100 percent customer service but also awesome snacks to go with your drinks as well! I wished I lived in Seattle to be able to come there more! Cozy chairs and a big flat screen TV….OH..did I mention there is a Xbox there as well. I know….I was stoked [haha]  I love the people who are involved with the company as well. All very motivated and determined! I have a very good feeling this place is going to be one to be remembered for a very long time

Also my girls from will also be hosting some parties here so come say hi to them! With Iheartmodels in the picture things can get a little crazy [haha] can’t say but I can give you a hint. Its sexy. [haha]

Here is the address of the place if your in Seattle and want to check it out!

Cozy Bubble Tea

14808 ne 24th st ste A
Redmond, WA
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