Asian Gangster Gets a Car Wash

I was visiting my family in Vancouver and while I was down there I filmed a short comedy film with THE CHENGMAN and IFOCKINGHATE THAT crew. awesome team and looking forward to working with them again. Yes I know you’re all going to be wondering….WASN’T THAT COLD!?!  well..actually it wasn’t bad at all. If you hear my voice and it sounds really harsh. It’s because I was really sick the whole week I was in town. I actually lost my voice! I had to gargle salt water every 30 mins to get it back to speakable but it still was no where near perfect! Sorry if I sound bad is all I’m trying to say haha! Check out my video RIGHT NOW! its hot. I promise haha.



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Please let me introduce myself. My name is Jennifer Nguyen. Born November 18 1987. Yes, that makes me a Scorpio. I know….sounds sexy doesn’t it [haha]

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